Cang an attachment is a research and development, production, sales and customer service service in one enterprise. For the domestic machinery industry, woodworking industry, port equipment, cranes and other industries to provide the company a variety of quality products. Our main products are: all kinds of material of Steel Aluminium Tuolian, steel towline, TL type, TLG type, TLF type, TLE type, TLD type, ATL type, TLB type steel towline, various types of engineering plastic, nylon towline, fully enclosed towline, all kinds of canvas soft connection, soft connection. Air duct, ventilation pipe, high temperature telescopic protective cover, organ type shield, armor type protective cover, square telescopic cover, circular telescopic cover, lift protective cover, flame retardant high temperature resistant sheath, cement unloading bags, all kinds of material scraps discharge machine, stepping chip machine, machine bed (flexible protective cover organ type protective cover, protective cover plate, round cover, cover, door curtain, dust cloth folding, spiral steel belt protective sleeve, leather, plastic towline towline (tiger), steel towline, towline aluminum, tank chain, metal hose, protective cover for conduit ), mat iron (iron, cushion, the damping pad iron, adjusting pad iron, heavy iron pad, stepping) for machine tools, machine lamps (JB series incandescent lamp, JS series of LED warning lamp JS series of warning lamp tungsten halogen lamps), chip (chip), conveying chain plate (chip chain), soft tube (plastic hose, nylon hose, metal hose, stainless steel hose, stainless steel single lock hose, stainless steel hose, plastic hose and hose explosion), hose connectors, cable waterproof joint, pipe cooling, operation parts, such as machine tool accessory products. My company to "integrity, innovation" for the enterprise concept, in the innovation to seek development, in the development of exploration and innovation, the user is definitely our pursuit of the goal. In the majority of customers encourage, support and help, I will have the courage to go beyond the self, to produce the perfect, high price products, Cang brand will be as our company expand international market's flagship product. The national industry in the world of machine tool accessories in the field of more influence.
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